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What's the Key to Our Physio Programs?

Using a simple 3-Step process, we’ll help you start your journey to recovery and let you move closer towards achieving your personal goals!

Book a Consultation


(new patients only)

Injury Assessment

Book an assessment when you’re ready to rehabilitate or have already completed a consultation with us.
Your injury assessment will include the following:
60-115 1

(new patients or existing patients with new injuries)

Follow-Up Treatment

We want to ensure that your body responds to our program. Follow-ups are crucial for advancing your road to recovery by:
Choose from multiple booking options to better fit your treatment plan and schedule!

(existing patients only)

Our team will carefully work with you...

Know Your Injury

We'll ask questions to help us better understand the nature and history of your injury, followed by a guided movement screen and injury-specific testing.


As part of our treatments, we will then provide you with a working diagnosis after carefully analyzing the results of your physical evaluation.


Our goal is to teach you how manage your own pain through at-home manual techniques. We will guide you through corrective exercises tailored specifically for you - increase range of motion, decrease painful symptoms and regain function. addition to working for you.

Direct Billing

No-hassle insurance claims. We can direct bill to your insurance company so you don't need to pay us for the full treatment!

Doctors & Employers

We'll keep your doctor up-to-date and communicate with employers (as required) about the progress of your injury.


Now accepting Workplace Safety Insurance Board claims. Patients must have a claim number prior to starting treatment with us.


Physiotherapy Covered by Insurance is Available for Direct Billing

Take advantage of Direct Billing for faster payment to your extended health care plan! We submit physiotherapy invoices to many insurance providers. To find out more, get in touch with us!