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Online Physio from the Comfort & Safety of Your Home

Online physiotherapy – also often referred to as virtual physiotherapy, telerehabilitation or e-rehabilitation – is a great resource for anyone looking to seek one-on-one professional advice for treatment and injury prevention. Telerehabilitation is a convenient option for individuals who are unable to make clinic visits due to busy schedules or living in remote locations.

Virtual appointments are especially suitable for patients who are motivated in learning how to fix themselves with the guidance of a registered physiotherapist. We’re happy to offer a free consultation to see if online physio is right for you! 

How Can You Benefit
from Our Physio Services?

Ontario Physio Online was created to help you achieve a greater sense of body awareness. Our goal of promoting self-confidence is an important factor to help you accomplish strong, healthy and pain-free movements.

Registered PTs

As members of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, we offer our services to all residents within Ontario.

Direct Billing

Don't worry about submitting receipts to your insurance company. We can handle it for you by direct billing!


Receive the highest quality of care in the comforts of your own personal space and on your own time.

Health Benefits

Virtual physiotherapy, also known as telerehabilitation, is covered by many insurance companies.


Now accepting Workplace Safety Insurance Board claims. Patients must have a claim number prior to starting treatment with us.

Continuing Care

Teamwork and communication is key. Our team is always at your fingertips to answer any questions about your treatment program.

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